National mountaineering ski race and rally

Passo San Pellegrino – 31 March, 2019

Art.1 Val di Fassa Events asd in collaboration with CAI-SAT and Moena Alpine Rescue, announces and organizes the “43nd  PIZOLADA DELLE DOLOMITI”, a national, individual mountaineer skiing race with a competitive route for all categories and an excursionists route. The event will be held on Sunday, march 31, 2019, at Passo San Pellegrino, and will span the municipalities of Moena (TN), Soraga (TN) and Falcade (BL).


Art.2 Participation

Competitive route: any adult athlete can participate after signing a disclaimer, filled out with personal information and contact information, in favour of the Organizing Committee, releasing them from any claims for damage to people or things. The disclaimer must include an attached copy of a valid medical certificate establishing sports competence.

Excursionists’ route: this will be an assisted trek under the supervision of Alpine Guides. Any adult mountaineer skier can participate. Minor mountaineer skiers may also join, but they must be at least 15 years old on April 8th, 2018, and provide written permission by a parent or guardian on their behalf (including proper identification).

On the application form, the minor must provide personal and contact information, sign a written declaration of good health and sign a waiver releasing the Organizing Committee from every responsibility for any eventual damage to people or things.

PLEASE NOTE:  The gear required for the excursionists’ route will be communicated via a specific press release or other proper means; however an ARTVA CHIP, SHOVEL AND PROBE will be mandatory.


Art.3 Registration

By registering for the event, each participant releases the organizers from any responsibility for damage to people or things which could occur, before, during, after or relative to the event.

Registration fees (both for competitors and excursionists)

By Friday, march 29, 2019: 35.00 euro

Starting Saturday, march 30, 2019: 40.00 euro

The registration fee includes: race package and meal ticket for the pasta party. 

Important: even if they sign up on line, participants paying the registration fees at the race office on Saturday 7 or Sunday 8 April, will however have to pay the higher rate.

On-line registration closes categorically on Friday, April 6, at 8:00 p.m.

On Saturday, march 30, registration will still be accepted only at the race office in the Moena Municipal building.

Payment by bank transfer in the name of: Val di Fassa Events asd c/o Ufficio Perle Alpine Moena;

Payment record: Registration for Pizolada 2019, name and surname of person registering;


SWIFT ACCOUNT (IBAN): IT26X08140 350500 0000 0052 940

Cash payment at the offices of Perle Alpine di Moena or on-line with credit card on the website www.lapizolada.com


Art.4 Complaints

Eventual complaints should be submitted exclusively by the registered claimant to the Race Manager, Mr Riccardo Franceschetti, along with a fee of € 50.00 which will be refunded only in case of a recognized claim.


Art.5Mandatory materials and equipment check for competitive route  

A pair of mountaineer skis with metal edges for at least 90% of their length, minimal widths:  tip:  80 mm; centre ski: 60 mm; tail: 70 mm. Minimum height: 160 cm for men (Seniors, Espoir, Juniors, Cadets) and 150 for women (Seniors, Espoir, Juniors, Cadets).

A pair of mountaineer ski boots.

– The boot (just the shell) must cover the ankles and must have a sole with Vibram bindings or similar material; minimum depth of 4mm.

– It must feature at least 8 cleats under the heel and 15 under the front part of the sole with a minimum surface of

1 cm 2 per cleat.

– Each boot must have at least 2 independent closure systems.

– They must feature a system that blocks inclination between the calf and the uppers.

– The boots must be designed for use with metal crampons.

– Cross country or similar boots and bindings are severely prohibited.

– The use of any type of tape on the boots is prohibited.

– Modifications to the boot by secondary producers are allowed only if there is a formal agreement between the two producers, and they must be specified in written information supplied with the modified part.

– The sole of each boot must be cleated and cleats must cover 100% of the surface.

– Minimum weight for the boots (structure + dry uppers):

– Men: 500 grams and therefore 1.000 grams for the pair

– Women and cadets: 450 grams and therefore 900 grams for the pair

A pair of bindings which allow for movement of the ankle during climbs yet which also lock for descents. They may be equipped with safety laces. 

Front and back parts:

– The back part must feature front and lateral releases

– The front part must feature a system which allows lateral release of the boot from the back part of the binding.

– The front part of the binding must have a locked and unlocked position

– Boots and bindings must be assembled and adjusted based on instructions for use supplied by the constructor, to guarantee the best functioning of the release systems and maximum protection of the skis and bindings.

– Minimum weight for skis and bindings:

– Men: 750 grams and therefore 1500 grams for the pair

– Women: 700 grams and therefore 1400 grams for the pair

– Mixed bindings (front part by one producer and back part by another producer) are not allowed.

A pair of poles:  Maximum diameter of 25 mm; metal pole rings are not allowed.

A thermal blanket with a minimum surface of 1.80 m² (always mandatory for all disciplines and techniques).

An ARTVA chip conforming to international standards EN 300718 457 kHz , which must be equipped with a 3-antenna broadcast system, and which must be carried exclusively in a zipper-sealed pocket on the inside of the ski suit, at waist level, in working order and transmitting during the entire duration of the race. Single transmitters are not allowed.

A snow shovel with handle. A mountain shovel with handle, and the blade must be at least 50 cm in length.

Blade must measure minimum 20×20 cm and cannot have undergone any modifications. The name “snow shovel” is assigned by the manufacturer, which assumes responsibility for the claim and functionality of its product.

A snow probe. Probes with the following features will be allowed: minimum length: 240 cm; minimum diameter 10 mm. Probes mustn’t be modified. The name “snow probe” is assigned by the manufacturer, which assumes responsibility for the claim and functionality of its product.

A padded back pack which can contain all the gear required under the regulations, equipped with 2 ski carrying laces. No gear or equipment may be carried outside of the backpack, except for skis.

Sealskins. For environmental reasons, it is severely forbidden to apply tape or similar materials to seal skins in order to improve glide. The sealskins must cover at least 50% of the bottom and 50% of the length of the ski.

Clothing for the upper body. Three layers, two long sleeve garments in the competitor’s size, one of which must be wind-proof.

– Clothing for the lower body. Two layers; a pair of pants or snowsuit in the competitor’s size and a pair of windproof pants of the proper size.

A mountaineering or mountaineer ski helmet certified to the standards under normative UIAA: EN12492 e EN 1077 class B.  The helmet must be worn for the entire duration of the race (with the chin strap buckled at all times).

A pair of gloves worn for the entire duration of the race.

A cap, headband or hoodie

– A pair of glasses or visor

The organizers reserve the right to modify the list of mandatory gear, based on the challenges of the route and snow conditions. In such a case athletes will be notified with a specific press release or by other appropriate means. Gear inspections will be performed under the supervision of the Race Manager, by members of the organizing committee at the end of the race, in the park enclosure located in the arrival area. For the first 15 athletes and for the first 10 athletes in each category in the individual competitions, the gear check at the end of the race is mandatory.

The Race Manager has the authority to perform further checks, starting from the time athletes pick up their number before the race up to half an hour after the arrival. ARTVA functional checks are mandatory, and participants must be wearing a race number to access the starting area; such checks will be performed by members of the Organization. Further ARTVA checks may be performed during the course of the race and at the arrival.


Art.6The technical breifing is scheduled for about 7:00 p.m. on the day before the race at the Moena Municipal Hall, after the race office closes. All team leaders and athletes are encouraged to attend.


Art.7 – Prizes and awards
Competitive route

The Absolute category offers the following cash prizes:

1st Place € 500,00 € 400,00
2nd Place € 300,00 € 250,00
3rd Place € 200,00 € 150,00
4th Place € 150,00 € 100,00
5th Place € 100,00 € 50,00


The Junior M and F categories:  (1998/2001 and of legal age) will offer the following cash prizes:

1st Place € 100,00 € 100,00
2nd Place € 70,00 € 70,00
3rd Place €  50,00 € 50,00


A material prize will go to the Over 50 M and F class.



Art.8 – The Organizing Committee reserves the right to change the route or cancel the race due to safety issues or bad weather. If the event is cancelled, the Organizing Committee will refund 50 % of the registration fee.



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