Brand: Scarpa

Manifattura Valcismon

Brand: Sportful e Karpos
Dario Cremonese

“The Zero-3000 Extreme Race seals a deal to combine two sports that mean a lot to us, mountaineer skiing and cycling. These two sports have been a part of our tradition here at Manifattura Valcismon for several seasons. The chance to find an event this unique, that comprises the two disciplines, is stimulating and important for our two brands: Sportful and Karpos. The first is a business partner in the world of two wheels that has made a name for our company while making history in cycling. From Mapei to Franco Ballerini’s Italian National team, to Team Saxo Bank, we’ve enjoyed twenty years of thrills and success. Karpos, the latest addition to the Valcismon family, has been a partner to the best mountaineer skiing athletes in the most important international arenas, from the Pierra Menta to the Mezzalama, as well as Alpinists and mountain trekking fans. In addition, the Zero-3000 affirms the particular attention we’ve always paid to the territory in which we live, allowing us once again to reinforce our ties to our Dolomites, our traditions and our people. Our collaboration and support for the organising committee is aimed at establishing a common path of growth and sharing for the next several years. We’re sure that with their work they’ll succeed in making this challenge against fatigue and the mountains a major event on the international scene, and we hope it will be a place where the most authentic athletes from both sports can come together.”

Freewheeling Bicycles

Brand: FRW
Claudio Brusi

“I’m happy to be sponsoring this initiative, one that’s so new of its genre, which once again makes the most of the Veneto territory that I’m so tied to for the unforgettable memories of my childhood associated with cycling, which represents my work and the greatest passion in my life. To ride a bike from Asolo to Malga Ciapela will be an incredible experience for all of us; we’ll be travelling through territory that starts with the gently rolling foothills of Treviso, continues along the Piave valley and passes through the Cordevole valley, where we can admire the splendid scenery, and finally arrives in the Dolomite amphitheatre of Malga Ciapela.”

Sidi Sport

Brand: SIDI
Dino e Rosella Signori

“When we were approached to collaborate with the organising committee for the Zero-3000 Extreme Race, we were happy to accept,” says Rosella Signori. “For over 50 years our company has been active in the world of cycling footwear and all the ideas and innovations that go in to our products, as well as a major part of production, comes from right here in Maser, at the base of the Asolo foothills from where the race will start; it’s splendid territory, as is the Marmolada and all the Dolomites, where in summer thousands of two-wheel fans get together to take on the legendary climbs that have become a part of cycling history. I’m sure that the participants will take part in the event with our same enthusiasm.”

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